Served perfectly

Perfekt serviert

Perfect companion to fine dining and exquisite wines

Valser Prickelnd contains just moderate fizz and is therefore the ideal companion to fine dining and exquisite wines. Water with too much sparkle accentuates certain components like tannins and acids in wine. The taste of the wine may even be changed noticeably when accompanied by water with high sodium content. So Valser’s low-sodium products are the natural choice: either the medium-sparkling Valser Prickelnd or the still and smooth Valser Still. The water is served preferably at a temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Another reason why many restaurateurs recommend Valser with a fine meal. The outstanding quality of the premium water and the attentive customer support that Valser offers has convinced many high-flying executives in the restaurant and hotel business at home and abroad.

«I recommend serving Valser Prickelnd with strongly flavoured food and intense wines. Its pleasantly balanced sparkle is refreshing, easily palatable and naturally invigorating. Valser Still is the ideal complement to an extended dinner. It neutralises the palate perfectly between courses.»

Arno Steguweit, author and Europe’s first water sommelier

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