Mountain forest project


Preserving mountain forests with Valser

Valser is raising awareness for the non-profit Mountain Forest Project.

Mountain Forest | People have needed the protection afforded by mountain forests since the dawn of human civilisation. They keep us safe from avalanches, rock falls, erosion and flooding. What’s more, they are ideal habitats for many plants and animals, as places of leisure and as sources of timbre as well.

Mountain Forest Project | Founded 1987, the Mountain Forest Project is a non-profit organisation domiciled in Trin, Canton of Grisons. It is committed to preserving, maintaining and safeguarding the forest and the cultural legacy of the mountain region, in particular by organising maintenance and remediation work teams by educating the general public in the needs of the forest. Since its inception, around 42,000 volunteers in the Mountain Forest Project have worked in the lofty woodlands of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Catalonia, Ukraine and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The foundation does not endorse any political or denominational positions.

Idea and Objective | Novices to forestry are dispatched to the mountain woodlands to work as volunteers. They are joined on the ground by experts, who teach them the basics and contexts of mountain forests and their fascinating eco-system. Their mission in the field gives the volunteers a first-hand experience of the mountain forest, and they make an active contribution to preserving the many different protective functions that these lofty woodlands provide. In doing so they develop personal and ecological awareness.
Support | The volunteers are not charged anything to take part in the project. The Mountain Forest Project is funded by donations, membership dues, legacies and contributions from forest owners. The workload is growing continuously, and increasing numbers of volunteers are keen to become involved. We exceed our resources, and so we are reliant on receiving more funding.

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